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Hi, my name is

Akhil Khanna

I create applications that improves and innovates human life

I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Computer Science at Queens College. I'm a web-developer, mobile developer, and data-science enthusiast.

Full Stack Engineer,Web/Mobile Developer,Data Science Enthusiast
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Akhil Khanna

Full Stack Engineer. Mobile Developer. Data-Science Enthusiast


JavaScript (Express, React, React-Native)
Java, Servlets, REST api

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Hi everyone!

I am currently seeking a Software Engineering positon. I have been working on several projects in various fields of Computer Science but have been focusing on Web/Mobile development, backend, and Data Science. I dived into all of these fields mainly using technologies such as React, React-Native, Python-Django and libraries such as pandas, seaborn, sklearn respectively.I'm enthusiastic about open source since I strongly believe that we can improve people's lives with open source contributions. For any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

I still consider myself as an ambitious student looking to gain experience in the field of computer science. While pursing my education, I have been known for my ability to work well with my peers. I enjoy challenging myself and demonstrate strength in problem solving skills. In order to accomplish my goals, I stay organized and focused with tasks on hand. Often, I find myself exploring multiple different technologies and trying to understand how they were implemented and most importantly fabricated.



Allow students enrolled in the same class for a certain semester to chat with one another.

Deployed using HEROKU,click link above to visit. Takes a few seconds to load!

Where I've Worked
Software Engineer Internship

Incorporate modern software into the broker/underwriter application process to optimize the time for underwriters to fund companies

Built a text extraction pipeline, to add information of each client to the Salesforce CRM within seconds compared to tedious manual entry.

Developed a website using the Python Django framework that allows processors to drag and drop files which were read by AWS textract and the extracted data was sent to our AWS S3 bucket as well as the Salesforce CRM

Designed application flowcharts and network diagrams to Credco API to prove the security of our software

Extracted, analyzed, and modified key value pairs received from Textract and used the Trie data structure to store all the text and traverse through it.

Extracted social security number’s of a client and sent it to Credco’s endpoint to retrieve the clients social security number

Velocity Capital Group

January 2020 - present

Computer Science Tutor
  • Worked 15 hours a week in the CS department tutoring center, interacting and assisting undergraduates of all years.
  • Clarified foundational CS concepts in one-on-one and group settings, reviewing and implementing a wide array of data structures and algorithms.
  • Helped students with debugging programs and understanding project requirements.
  • Encouraged peers to persevere and demonstrate that anything is possible with sufficient effort.

Queens College

August 2018- December 2020

Dental Assistant (worked for my older sister)
  • Developed a process which helped maintain patient records effectively using SQL.
  • Assisted a dentist during procedures by handing them instruments and kept patients mouths dry by using suction hoses.
  • Greeted patients inside the office making sure they felt comfortable and welcomed

  • Instructed patients in proper oral hygiene after their treatment.

@ Great Neck Dental

September 2018 - September 2019